Cerulean Design is a lifestyle design company offering graphic design, marketing, brand development, event planning, fashion buying, wardrobe consultation, and interior design services for every budget!

Maggie Lacey honed her design eye during her numerous years working in the New York fashion industry, the Museum art world, planning events, buying and merchandising for high-end boutiques, and more!  Now the mission is to bring great design to everyone- every business, every home, every closet. You don't need to hire the expensive ad agency... you dont need to shop at the most expensive stores... you dont need to stress about style any more!

Below is a small sampling of the services Cerulean Design offers. The links to the right showcase just a few recent graphic design projects, showing the scope of work and the many varied companies that have used Maggie's services.

Cerulean Design offers full service graphic design services, including:
- web and e-commerce consulting, design, and daily management
- email marketing solutions
- strategic marketing plans
- advertising plans, placement, and design
- design and production of printed pieces
        brochures, fliers, catalogs, and books
- design and management of blogs and Facebook pages
        for business or personal use
- invitations for parties
- business cards, brand packaging, and so much more!

Maggie Lacey has extensive experience planning events:
- weddings, corporate events, large galas, and intimate al fresco dinners

Maggie Lacey